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Why Pizza?

Well you asked so here goes. Ever since we were kids, Pizza has never brought a dull moment. Whether it was frozen, freshly delivered, or in a strange frozen pockety, bagel-ish shape, I’ve always enjoyed pizza. Pizza is often found at celebrations, family gatherings….and actually everywhere. Whether rich or poor, whether white or black or latino or asian, whether gay or straight, Pizza is enjoyed by all. It does not discriminate. On the contrary, pizza is powerful and our pizza is here for all of the Los Angeles community! Through the power of pizza, we hope to bring people together in a delicious, cheesy way.

Koreatown Pizza Co. is our platform to bring flavors & ingredients we love to our Los Angeles community. Delicious is the journey, Pizza is the vehicle, Craft beer is the pit stop and satisfied stomachs are the destination. Also somewhere in there is awesome appetizers, signature pastas and salads, and great wine partnerships!


At Koreatown Pizza Co., we are working on ways to interact and contribute with our community whether it’s partnering with local non profits or participating in local events. We love Koreatown and beyond being a restaurant IN the community, we want to be a place FOR the community. We love that we get to share our food with everyone and we’re equally excited to spread that love in fun ways. Have an idea for us? Drop us a line on our contact page!


This is not a typical Henry met Johnny story. Henry is straight out of Korea. He came over that ocean about a decade ago to conquer his American dreams and little did he know it would be through the magnificent power of Pizza. Henry, as a young 20- something, along with his brother, navigated through the streets of Koreatown, Los Angeles hoping to find an opportunity amongst other dream chasers. Things were oddly familiar yet unlike anywhere he’s been. He landed a server job to make ends meet and eventually moved up to the coveted ranks of general manager. Work ethic is everything. His veteran Pizza skills and dough accolades were stacked so high that he was ready for the next big challenge, Ownership. Crossed it off. Pizza goals, totally unlocked. His American dream is just getting started.

Johnny is from Boise Idaho where the deeply vast halls of Albertson’s dominated weekend shopping trips aimed at assimilating his lunches for school where having a small container of kimchi was like crossing the border with some fine perishables. It was more commonplace to see a doe (a deer, a female deer) than a Korean American. His family was something they’d eventually use to describe the word diversity. Johnny grew up amongst the restaurant chains of the would-be future and loved them all equally. However, after summers stints to Portland, and parts of California, his horizons into food began. Pho? KBBQ? boba?…and tacos made by people without polo shirts donning a bell logos? He could not get enough. What’s been tasted cannot be untasted. Johnny had to be a part of it.

Henry and Johnny met in the late summer of 2017 and the rest is pizza history.


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